Nurex Billiards: 8 Ball Pool

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Why Nurex Billiards is awesome

Practice mode

Hone your eight ball shooting skills in practice mode before you join the masters. Don’t get too relaxed, though, the time is running out.

Play a top billiards city

Choose to play the eight ball pool billiards standard game in London or Sydney. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, call pocket on 8 ball in Moscow. And for those very brave ones, visit Toronto or Jakarta to call pocket on all shots. Where there’s more at stake, pool payday is truly worth it!

8 ball pool billiards exclusive items

Invest the coins you win in tournaments to buy better cues. Take the force, aim and time of your cue to the next level to help you beat your billiards opponents. Exchange the coins for fun chat cues and emoticons. Motivate your pool opponent or ask for a rematch.

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Shooting ball in an 8 ball pool game has never been more realistic, entertaining and rewarding

Join Nurex Billiards pool live tour and collect your pool payday as you play with friends or random online players across eight world cities.

From London to Tokyo, test your 8 ball pocketing skills and win big rewards. Play the standard 8 ball game or become a pro 8 ball shooter as you call pockets on all shots.

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Reason for love

Easy to use

Totally free

Cool Interface Design

Cool Features


Practice mode


Play a top billiards city

exclusive items


impressive 3D visuals

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