1. Who we are

1.1. We are Nurex Games located at US Nurex Photo and Video Editor .

1.2. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and use your non-personal information when you use the mobile application «Nurex Editor» («Services») offered by and the choices available to you in connection with our use of your information (the Privacy Policy). You do not need to register in order to use Services. All the data that we process in relation to your use of our Services is non-personal one and has a statistic nature.

This Privacy Policy should be read alongside.

2. This Privacy Policy

2.1. By making available the Services we, acting reasonably and in good faith, believe that you:

• have all necessary rights to use the Services;

• are aware of and accept this Privacy Policy.

No collection of Personal Information:

Nurex app does not gather any of your personal information while you are using the app, except as provided for in this policy. Where certain information is collected, it will only be used for the stated purpose.

3. Information we collect about you

3.1. In order to implement the agreement between you and us, and provide you with access to the use of the Services, we will improve, develop and implement new features to our Services, and enhance the available Services functionality. To achieve these objectives, and in compliance with applicable laws, we will collect, store, aggregate, organize, extract, compare, use, and supplement your data (hereinafter “processing”).

3.2. We set out in more detail the information we collect when you use our Services, why we collect and process it and the legal bases below.

Information Collected


Legal Basis


Storage permission

When you use the any of the app features, we need permission to access your local media to select videos or images. When you save the finished photo or video, we need the storage permission of the local media, in order to save the video and change the save

path; This permission is for editing and saving photo and videos. We will not obtain any video or photos from your device, nor will we modify or delete the content in your local

media storage.


Performance of our contract with you


Adcstatistic data received via integrated internal and

external SDK (for instance, myTracker) as the result of

your behavioral actions when using the Services and technical interaction with the Services (for instance, your actions such as your choice of the filters, frames or effects, choose the speed of the video)

We use this information for internal review in order to constantly improve the content

of our Services, optimizing user

experience, to understand any errors users may encounter

when using the Services

Legitimate Interests

Performance of our contract with you


Additional statistic data received via integrated internal and external SDK (for instance, Firebase ) when some crashes are caused while using the Services.

We use this information for internal review in order to understand any errors users may encounter when using the Services, fix such bugs, constantly improve our Services, optimizing user experience.

We use this information in order to manage and administer the Services.

Legitimate Interests

Performance of our contract with you

3.3. Our legitimate interests include (1) maintaining and administrating the Services; (2) providing the Services to you; (3) improving the content of the Services; (4) ensuring data is adequately protected; and (5) compliance with any contractual, legal or regulatory obligations under any applicable law.

3.4. As part of maintaining and administrating the Services we use the information to analyze user activity and ensure that rules and terms of use for the Services are not violated.

3.5. Please note, if you do not want us to process sensitive and special categories of data about you (including data relating to your health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, and your sexual orientation) you should take care not to post this information or share this data when using the Services where applicable.

3.6. Please note, if you withdraw your consent (and related device permissions) to processing or you do not provide the data that we require in order to maintain and administer the Services, you may not be able to access the Services.

4. Data sharing

4.1. We take technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is safe. We may share your data with Nurex app. Sometimes we may also need to share your data with a third party in order to provide our Services to you or to administer the Services, for example as described in paragraph 2 and 3 in the table above.

4.2. External SDKs (Firebase, My Tracker) are connected to the Services, which collect and store the number of events and actions performed by users inside the Application, without personal identification. We such data for internal review in order to optimize user experience and to understand any errors users may encounter when using the Services.

5. Limitation of liability

5.1. We bear no liability for the consequences of use of the Services. We ask you to take a responsible approach to use of the Services.

6. Changes to this Policy

From time to time, we may change and/or update this Privacy Policy. If this Privacy Policy changes in any way, we will post an updated version on this page. We recommend you regularly review this page to ensure that you are always aware of our information practices and any changes to such.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send your inquiries to Service support at nurplayer95@gmail.com